Working as a Team

There are two options a home buyer or seller has when choosing their agent; they can choose an independent agent or an agent that works on a real estate team. After working in real estate for over a decade, I learned the best way to deliver consistent, 5-star experiences for my clients was to create a team brokerage. When you’re a single agent, there just aren’t enough cooks in the kitchen working on your real estate sale. 

Everyone’s a Specialist

The great thing about working with a large organization like MRE is that we have someone who specializes in each part of a real estate transaction. We have a phenomenal & highly knowledgeable transaction coordinator to help with all the back-end paperwork. We have a talented photographer that takes consistently beautiful photos and videos. We have a whole marketing department that puts your home in front of as many potential buyers as possible. And because we have this administration staff working so hard behind the scenes, it allows your agent to have more time to address your needs and concerns. 

We Bring the Buyers

We also work with several companies to help grow organic traffic, bring in leads to our website, and view our listings. We’re constantly working to ensure that our properties are being seen by the right audience. When people are searching on Google for their dream home in Oregon or SW Washington, they will visit our website. Working with our team means you’re working with an established & growing real estate brand in the PNW. 

It’s a No-Brainer

Having specialists in a team brokerage means that experts do each piece of the puzzle, so you know that you’re in the best hands at every step of the real estate transaction. That’s why so many people consistently come back and hire us as repeat and referral clients, and that’s also why we get top-dollar and terms for our clients year after year. 

Check out our latest amazing video above to learn more about why you should hire a real estate team to get top dollar and terms!

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