Why You Should List Your Home in the Winter

There are many misconceptions about listing homes in the winter. Popular television shows on networks like HGTV have convinced people that homes only sell in the summer. Our clients are often surprised when we tell them that December is one of our best months of the year. Here at Matin Real Estate, we have the knowledge and tools to succeed in the real estate market, no matter what season we’re in. We sell homes every month of the year. 

But My Home Doesn’t Look Good in the Winter

Many clients are hesitant to list their homes on the market in the winter because they're concerned that their homes' photos won't look good as they would in the summer. Well, the truth is that that's the case with everyone's home in the winter. All homes, yards, and gardens look bad in the winter because it's cold and wet. Homes look better in the summer, but do you know what else happens in the summer? More market competition. The price difference isn't going to come down to a cold and wet yard; it's going to be determined by the market. 

Winter Market Advantages

During the winter, a lot of people travel and come home. This is often when people looking to move back to their roots are looking to buy. This is also a time of year when many people have a large amount of time off from work, so they have time to search for their next home. 

Check out our latest amazing video above to learn more about how our brokerage excels in the winter real estate market. 

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