We LOVE California Buyers

Prepare the Wagon for Oregon!
More and more individuals are opting to sell their houses in California and relocate to the great pacific northwest, whether it's because of the higher taxes, the traffic, or they miss the seasons changing. Because homes in California are often more expensive than those in our region, sellers frequently anticipate large or all-cash bids from Californian purchasers. However, buyers in California often look for homes in the same way that buyers in Oregon do, attempting to balance the finest amenities with the best pricing possible.

How Can You Reach These Potential Buyers?
Our team brokerage does business with a large number of clients moving from California to Portland, SW Washington, and the surrounding areas. More people make the decision to relocate and start looking for new homes every year. It's critical that you engage with a seller's representative who makes proactive calls to California purchasers if you're selling your house in Portland or SW Washington.

Not Just Cali
Although California generates the most of our out-of-state business, we assist buyers from all other states as well as the majority of foreign nations in finding homes in the beautiful pacific northwest. About half of our customers from last year were from other states or countries. No matter where someone is looking, we advertise our company to anyone looking for houses in our area.

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