The “Shadow” Inventory

We have tons of off-market properties to take advantage of here at MRE. Off-market properties are homes in the “shadow inventory,” meaning our agents have spoken to sellers whose homes aren’t on the market but are ready for a cash offer. Sometimes the houses are vacant, or the seller is in a position to sell when the right offer comes along. Although these homes aren’t on the market, we’re aware of them because of our consistent outreach to potential sellers.

What Can’t You Find?
Anyone can look up active listings on online search engines (the best one being our beautiful website But what you can’t find on a traditional search is off-market properties, homes in what we call the “shadow inventory.” Because MRE is a prospecting-based business, we’re constantly in conversations with owners with off-market properties, and by working with our amazing team, you’ll have access to those deals.

Who is it For?
Many clients buy off-market properties because they don’t want to go through a bidding war. Often, homes in the “shadow inventory” can be fixer-uppers and are perfect for other clients that might be developers or home-flippers. These properties are also popular with real estate investors. There is a large variety of off-market homes, and it’s in every home-buyers best interest to have access to these properties, especially considering the current seller's market we’re experiencing.

Building the Inventory
Matin Real Estate is a prospecting-based business. Our agents are required to be on the phones calling leads for at least four hours a day, and we hold them to it. This allows us to talk to more locals, discover more opportunities, and build our network of contacts waiting to sell. Our brokerage does the most buy/sell transactions in the region, meaning that we sell our listings to our buyer clients more than any other team. Because we’re also such a heavy listing-based business, we’re communicating with off-market homeowners more than anyone else.

Check out our latest amazing video above to learn more about how you can take advantage of off-market properties by working with one of our incredible agents.

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