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Hey everyone, Jordan Matin here at The Matin Real Estate Group, where we are known for our Luxury Service, and Exceptional Results.  I wanted to break down the different areas in Oregon and Washington in which we work and specialize to give you a better understanding of our geographic market.   

In our business, the average Realtor typically will hone in on one, usually small, area of focus.  The average Realtor will also only sell between four and five homes in a year.  Here at the Matin Real Estate Group, where we expect to sell over 200 homes this year, we take a different approach.         

We find it extremely advantageous both to our team of brokers and, most importantly, to our clients to spread our area of focus throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington.  We are currently members to three different MLS (Multiple Listing Service) platforms:  Northwest, RMLS, and Willamette Valley. 

Northwest: Covers all of Washington, including Seattle, but we typically don't go that far north.  While the farthest north we will typically go is Centralia, we tend to work mostly in Lewis County, Clark County and the entire Vancouver/Camas/Washougal stretch along the border.  

RMLS: Covers Southwest Washington areas as well as most counties in Northern Oregon including Portland. 

Willamette Valley: Covers areas south of Portland such as Salem.    

While we go as far south in Oregon as Corvallis and as far north as Lewis County in Washington, our primary markets are Vancouver, Portland and Salem.  Our main office is located in Southwest Portland, with a secondary office located in downtown Vancouver.  With all the production we do in Salem, we're also currently looking to open a third office there as well.

One of the biggest benefits of a team working a larger market like we do at The Matin Real Estate Group is being able to pull from different areas, or "cross pollinate"; clients moving from Salem to Vancouver, Vancouver to Portland, Portland to Vancouver... we're able to help all these different clients in a way most teams can't because we are constantly and consistently working all these different markets.    

If you're thinking about buying or selling real estate in any of these markets, or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!  

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