Building a Dream Home? 7 Sustainable Construction Trends to Discuss with Contractors

Save Money & The Environment With Sustainable Construction TrendsWondering if you should buy a new construction home? Building a home from the ground up with all of the amenities homeowners dream of is a thrilling experience. However, with an eye towards preserving the planet becoming more common in construction, contractors are called to utilize sustainable means, methods, and materials. Additionally, homebuyers are prioritizing sustainability. For the long-term goals of increasing environmentally friendly practices and maximizing property value, all homebuyers would be wise to opt for sustainable construction materials. Keep reading to learn about the best sustainable construction trends available now.

Green Insulation: Affordable, Effective, and Sustainable

The most important thing to learn about eco-friendly insulation is that it reduces energy consumption and can help maintain interior temperatures better than traditional pink insulation. Builders can now blow in insulation crafted from recycled materials such as newspaper or foam. This means less production of harmful insulators like fiberglass, less environmental damage, and lower electricity bills.

Zero-Energy Home Construction

While zero-energy home designs initially cost more during the building process, the rewards will be enjoyed by both owners and the earth for the structure's lifetime. Sustainable construction essentially uses mechanisms and materials during the build geared to lower energy consumption and maximize performance. This ranges from the placement of windows, solar options, and high-efficiency appliances and installations.

Use of Solar Energy Installations

Solar energy isn't a new concept, but it is becoming more common in the home building process. Homeowners can take advantage of specific solar tax incentives and enjoy lower installation costs, becoming far more affordable. With installation options ranging from rooftop panels and shingle-tape to ground-level placement, solar panes have come a long way. Owners can often sell stored energy excess reserves back to provider companies for cash or credit to boost return on investment.

Let Nature Save Money and Resources with Geothermal Energy Harnessing

Another smart sustainable home building trend lies within the concept of harnessing geothermal energy. Primarily employed for heating and cooling needs, colder weather further allows hot water infusion via a ground loop system that pumps water into the home. It is this same system that permits heat extraction from homes during warmer weather seasons.

Cool Roof Installations

Want to reduce rooftop temperatures by as much as 100-degrees and reduce those cooling costs during sweltering seasons? Install a cool roof, which is exceptional in hot climates and areas such as garages, attics, and covered porches. Sustainable and often recyclable materials are employed during construction that can reflect sunlight and repel heat, which means fewer gas emissions from HVAC systems on top of lower energy bills.

Energy-Efficient Sustainable Windows

The world of windows has come far from the predominantly recognized double and triple-paned selections options for energy efficiency. The most modern form of sustainable windows and skylights involves the use of electronic smart glass. This technology allows windows to recharge via electrical signals that alter their solar radiation reflective abilities to repel heat. Sustainable efforts can be furthered by employing recycled and reclaimed glass in these windows during construction. Sustainable windows are just one of several energy-efficient home upgrades with high ROI.

Water Conservation in Home Design

Inside and out, water needs to be used daily in every house. From ice and water fixtures to landscaping sprinklers, showers, washers, and toilets, water is by far a vital necessity for daily existence. Minimize use with low-flow installations wherever possible. Choose green appliances that use the water system, and a tankless water heater is an affordable way to start conserving water. Some contractors can install dual plumbing systems that capture, cleanse, and process rainwater for even greater efficiency.

Make a Difference With Sustainable Construction Trends

Designing a new construction home is an exciting opportunity. However, those planning a home construction project or upgrade should think about their environmental impact when doing so. By taking a few extra steps and being willing to invest in eco-friendly installations and means, builders can boost the satisfaction level of buyers, help reduce energy expenditures, and assist with the preservation of the planet.

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