Best Private Social Clubs in Portland, OR: Arlington Club, Multnomah Athletic Club & More

Best Membership Clubs in Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon, boasts a selection of exclusive membership clubs that cater to various interests and lifestyles. From prestigious social clubs to elite athletic establishments, the city offers a range of choices for those seeking to enhance their networking opportunities and leisure activities.

As one explores the many private Portland clubs, a world of sophistication and camaraderie unfolds. Each club brings its unique charm and amenities, so choosing the best one may prove to be a delightful challenge for those in pursuit of an excellent club experience.

History of Private Clubs in Portland

These are no run-of-the-mill Portland nightlife clubs. These kinds of private social clubs in Portland have a rich history dating back to the early 19th century. These exclusive establishments were initially created to provide a space for the city's elite to socialize, network, and engage in recreational activities outside the public eye.

The first private clubs in Portland were established by influential figures in business, politics, and society, who sought a place where they could gather with like-minded individuals in an atmosphere of sophistication and exclusivity.

Over the years, the landscape of private clubs in Portland has evolved to reflect its members' changing demographics and interests. While some traditional clubs still focus on networking and socializing, others have adapted to offer a broader range of amenities and activities, including fitness centers, fine dining options, and cultural events.

Despite these changes, the essence of prestige and camaraderie remains at the core of Portland's private club scene, attracting new generations of members seeking a sense of belonging and community within these historic institutions.

Social Clubs

Best Private Social Clubs in Portland, OR

Social clubs in Portland offer a unique blend of networking opportunities and leisure activities. The Multnomah Athletic Club, University Club of Portland, Arlington Club, Town Club, and Irvington Tennis Club are some of the prestigious social clubs in the area.

These clubs provide members with exclusive access to fitness facilities, dining options, social events, and more.

Multnomah Athletic Club

Founded in 1891, the Multnomah Athletic Club in the Goose Hollow neighborhood is the largest indoor athletic club in the country, boasting over 22,000 members. With a rich history and a strong sense of community, the club offers a wide range of amenities, including fitness facilities, swimming pools, dining options, and social events.

To become a member, adults pay a $6,000 application fee and, if approved, will then pay monthly dues. The MAC provides a prestigious environment for networking, socializing, and staying active.

Whether members want to work out, relax by the pool, or socialize, the Multnomah Athletic Club offers something for everyone in Portland.

University Club of Portland

The University Club of Portland, established in 1898, requires two current member sponsorships for membership approval, with the club offering sponsor introductions for those in need. Monthly membership dues at the University Club can be as low as $145 to $360, depending on the chosen membership level, in addition to an initiation fee.

The club provides a range of amenities, including dining facilities, social events, fitness centers, and, unusually for such a club, meeting and coworking spaces right in downtown Portland. Members can network with fellow professionals in a sophisticated and historic setting.

The University Club is known for its elegant ambiance and exclusive services, making it a desirable social club for those seeking a refined environment in Portland.

Arlington Club

Nestled in the heart of Portland's downtown, the Arlington Club has a rich history dating back to 1867. This esteemed social club provides a distinguished setting for members to socialize, network, and enjoy upscale amenities.

With a focus on creating a welcoming atmosphere for members, the club offers a range of events and activities to cater to diverse interests. From elegant dining experiences to engaging social gatherings, the Arlington Club aims to foster a sense of community among its members. 

This historic club continues to be a treasured institution in Portland, attracting individuals who appreciate its traditions and sophisticated ambiance.

Town Club

Established in 1928 (by wives of Arlington Club members back when that club was men-only), the Town Club stands out as Portland’s distinguished women-only social club. This exclusive club in Goose Hollow offers a serene and elegant environment where women can connect, socialize, and engage in various activities.

With a rich history, the Town Club has maintained its reputation as a premier social club for women in Portland. The club provides a wide range of amenities, including social events, dining options, fitness facilities, and networking opportunities.

Beyond its luxurious setting, the Town Club fosters a sense of camaraderie among its members, making it a cherished institution in Portland’s vibrant social scene.

Irvington Tennis Club

Established in 1898, Irvington Tennis Club offers a variety of facilities, including indoor and outdoor tennis courts, pickleball, a clubhouse, a swimming pool, and a lively social calendar. Members can enjoy four indoor and two outdoor tennis courts, a sauna, a cutting-edge weight room, fitness classes, a rentable ballroom, and a boardroom.

The individual initiation fee is $2,000 with monthly dues of $171, while members can also choose additional memberships at a reduced cost for family or partners. Guests are also welcome for a small fee.

Above all, the Irvington Tennis Club provides a welcoming environment for tennis enthusiasts and those seeking to socialize and stay active in Portland.

City Club of Portland

The City Club of Portland, a prominent social and civic club founded in 1916, requires members to pay an annual due of $165. This exclusive club in Old Town offers a range of social activities and networking opportunities for its members.

With a rich history and prestigious reputation, the City Club of Portland attracts individuals looking to engage in meaningful discussions and connect with like-minded professionals. In addition to its regular events, the club also hosts special gatherings and guest speakers, making it a hub for intellectual exchange and social interaction.

Being a part of the City Club of Portland provides members with access to a unique community where they can cultivate meaningful relationships and expand their social circles in a vibrant setting.

Multnomah Whiskey Library

The Multnomah Whiskey Library, a membership-based bar that’s among the best places to get drinks in the Pearl District, has an $800 annual membership that provides multiple benefits.

While walk-ins are accepted, members enjoy the perk of reserving prime seating and bypassing the long entry lines that non-members often face. Other benefits include a members-only lounge, members-only access to certain spirits, evening valet services, a complimentary birthday drink, and more. The membership cap guarantees an exclusive and intimate atmosphere within the club.

With a focus on curated whiskey selections and a sophisticated ambiance, the Multnomah Whiskey Library caters to whiskey enthusiasts and those seeking a refined social experience. The annual fee grants members access to a unique space where they can savor fine spirits and mingle with like-minded individuals in a setting that exudes elegance and exclusivity.

PDX Golf Clubs

Best Private Golf and Country Clubs in Portland, OR

While there are several public golf clubs in Portland, once you enter the private sphere, you can gain access to esteemed establishments like Waverley Country Club, Portland Golf Club, Oregon Golf Club, and Oswego Lake Country Club. In addition to championship golf courses, these clubs offer many more amenities, to the point where some members may see the golf as a side benefit.

These clubs offer excellent facilities and a welcoming atmosphere for golf enthusiasts. Each club has its unique charm and amenities, catering to the diverse preferences of golfers in the Portland area.

Waverley Country Club

Founded in 1896, the Waverley Country Club in Milwaukie stands as the oldest private golf club in Oregon. Situated along the riverfront, it is renowned as one of the premier private golf clubs in the region. 

While membership costs are not publicly disclosed, rumors suggest an initiation fee in the five-figure range, on top of dues. The club offers a picturesque and exclusive setting for golf enthusiasts, with well-maintained grounds and high-quality facilities.

The Waverley Country Club provides members a unique opportunity to enjoy golfing in a luxurious and historic environment, making it a highly sought-after destination for those passionate about the sport.

Portland Golf Club

The Portland Golf Club in Raleigh Hills is among the most prestigious member-owned golf courses in the Pacific Northwest. Established in 1914, this exclusive club is limited to 525 full golfing members, ensuring easy access to the course for its members.

The club offers a challenging 18-hole golf course, a clubhouse, year-round social events, multiple dining options, a seasonal heated outdoor pool, and facilities for tennis and pickleball.

With its rich history and array of amenities, Portland Golf Club is a sought-after destination for golf enthusiasts in the Portland area.

Oregon Golf Club

Another notable establishment, the Oregon Golf Club, offers a premier golfing experience in the city of West Linn. With its lush green fairways and challenging course layout, members can enjoy high-quality facilities and picturesque views while honing their golfing skills.

The club prides itself on providing a welcoming atmosphere for golf enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. Additionally, the Oregon Golf Club hosts various events and tournaments throughout the year, fostering a sense of community among its members.

Whether one is looking to improve their game, socialize with fellow golfers, or simply relax in a beautiful setting, the Oregon Golf Club stands out as a premier destination for golf lovers in Portland.

Oswego Lake Country Club

Last on this list, the Oswego Lake Country Club in Lake Oswego offers a range of membership options to suit varying preferences and needs.

The highest tier membership, which covers the member, spouse, and unmarried children under 25, provides full access to all amenities and comes with full voting rights. This level requires a $45,000 initiation fee alongside monthly dues of $890. For those seeking a social-focused membership, there is a less expensive option with access to the swimming pool, dining facilities, and limited golfing.

With its picturesque setting and array of facilities, Oswego Lake Country Club caters to individuals and families looking for a premium golf club experience in the Portland metro area.

Get Social in Portland

Portland, Oregon, offers a variety of membership clubs for residents to enjoy. From historic social clubs to exclusive golf clubs, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city. 

Whether members are looking to network, relax, or improve their golf game, these clubs provide a sense of community and camaraderie. Joining a club in Portland could provide unique opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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