Should You Remodel Before You Sell?

Before putting their house on the market, homeowners have a tendency to overthink every aesthetic aspect of it. They think that in order to sell their home for the top price, every little thing that could be improved must be. I blame HGTV. I can firmly advise you: DO NOT renovate your property! I've been a real estate agent for over ten years and list homes regularly. Nearly every remodel I’ve seen has been a waste of the seller's dollar.

But My New Cabinets! 

If you absolutely want to remodel, wait until one of our seasoned agents has seen your property before making any decisions. Before speaking to us, I visited a number of freshly renovated properties, and in most cases, the improvements made didn't significantly affect the price. Frequently, the seller simply invested money on a home project that won't provide a sizable profit. You shouldn't spend thousands of dollars on something that might be demolished as soon as the buyer gets in, as it would be a waste.

What’s Worth Your Money?

As real estate brokers, we are aware of the investments you should make in things like foundations, sewage lines, furnaces, water heaters, mold, roofs, siding, etc. If these flaws are sufficiently fixed before listing, they will have a considerably greater impact on the price of your home. Even then, the vendor may not always be required to take care of these issues. Buyers may not worry if the roof or furnace needs repair in some cases because they will fix it themselves. In order for us to visit your property and provide you with a financial game plan that makes sense for you, that is why you employ an agent.

Check out our latest amazing video above to learn more about whether or not you should remodel your home before selling!

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