Should you get a pre-listing inspection?


As a seller, Should you get a pre-listing inspection?

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It’s fairly common knowledge that before you buy a home, you need to hire an inspector to check out the overall condition of the home.  But what about when you’re selling a home? Well, in my opinion the seller should absolutely bring in an inspector before they go on the market.  Even if you’re selling the property “as-is” the buyer is still going to bring in their own inspector and it’s a good idea to be aware of the condition of your home before you start to show to potential buyers.  Buyers expect that the home is in good condition before they buy so even if they absolutely love the layout and location of the home, if their inspection shows that the home is in poor condition, this could cause major issues when negotiating. Maybe the roof needs to be replaced or there’s an issue with the sewer line, these are unexpected and expensive issues that could have been avoided if there was a pre-sale inspection on the home. 


Buyers expect that the home is in good condition before they buy


Now having said all of that, if you’re a super handy person and you know that your home is in good repair, or maybe you already know there are some issues with the home, it’s probably not necessary to bring in an inspector.  If this is the case however, please discuss it with your broker.  We need all of this information to properly negotiate and get you the best possible price.  We don’t want any surprises!

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