Selling in the Winter vs. Selling in the Summer


Can you sell you home in the Winter, or should you wait until Summer?

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One of the most common objections I hear as a Real Estate Broker is “You know, why don’t you call me back in the summer.  I’m going to wait to sell until then.”  Now look, I can understand why sellers feel this way.  Summer means the flowers will be in full bloom and the trees and shrubs will be full and beautiful. I get it.  But here’s the deal; people are buying homes in the winter, just the same as they are in the summer.  Also, keep in mind that during the summer there is so much more inventory for you to compete with!  So while your home might look best during the summer, that means that so does everyone else’s and you may get lost in the shuffle.


People are buying homes in the winter, just the same as they are in the summer.


I can tell you from experience that while the summer market is definitely much more active, we stay plenty busy in the winter.  To be honest, we have some of our best numbers right around the holidays as people look to start off the new year.  In fact, in a lot of cases I’ve actually seen people make more money on their sale than they could have in the summer, as there’s less competition and people that need to move are more willing to pay a better price. 

So no matter when you’re looking to buy or sell a home in the Portland or Southwest Washington market, please reach out.  We’re always open, no matter the time of year!

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