The Luxury Difference of our Real Estate Brokerage

Over the years here at Matin Real Estate, we’ve created a reputation for ourselves as a team that gets results. We pride ourselves on our exceptional results and time and time again, we’ve been able to get the job done on properties that have previously failed to sell. But with that said, we’re not just concerned with the result, we also strive to provide a high level of service. Hence our tagline: Luxury Service. Exceptional Results.

Define "Luxury"

When you hear the word “luxury,” most people automatically assume we’re talking about a high price point. While we do sell quite a bit of high-end luxury real estate, our Luxury Service is not just limited to those higher price points. We really try to provide that Luxury Service to all of the clients that we work with. Whether we’re talking about our excellent communication through weekly reports and keeping our clients in the loop, or we’re talking about our comprehensive marketing strategies, we really go above and beyond for all of our clients. We have a monthly marketing budget of $50,000 and we spread that money around to equally benefit all of our clients. We also have a full admin team making sure our clients are taken care of. From high-quality photography and videography for each listing to our top-notch transaction coordinating and weekly reports, we want to act as a concierge for you throughout your transaction.

We know you have lots of options these days when it comes to selling your home, from the thousands of brokers around town, to the institutional buyers that have crept in to the marketplace and because of this, we want to provide a Ritz Carlton level of service. Not only will you be happy with the result, you’ll be happy with the process as well.  So if you know anyone looking to buy or sell real estate here in Portland or Southwest Washington, please reach out. We’re grateful that you consider your real estate experts and we hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!

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