New Homes VS Resale Homes

The first difference is that they are completely different kinds of properties. With a new property, you’re the first one to live there (and this is reflected in its cleanliness, fresh scent, etc.) However, an older home has many positive attributes as well. It may have more traditional charm, or be in a more established neighborhood and you may be able to get a better price.

About New Construction Homes

As far as new construction goes, there are often many more accouterments. These you might even be able to customize, such as the type of countertops, the color of paint, fixtures, etc. New construction can often let you choose the neighborhood you are interested in, while also being able to customize your new home to your tastes. Typically new home inspections are with the builders themselves. This can often prove to be very advantageous, as you can meticulously go through the home and address corrections directly to the builder, who can immediately fix them. New homes often include excellent warranties on things like appliances and structural.

When Resale Is Right

That being said, new construction does typically have smaller lots and is less likely to be in established neighborhoods. Resale homes still offer the ability to customize to your specifications, while also holding vintage or traditional charm. Older homes do generally require some maintenance from the beginning versus a brand new construction.

These are just some of the comparisons to keep in mind in searching for your next home. If you’re wondering what is going to be the best fit for you and your family, reach out to us. We’re here to help you find the perfect fit in your housing search!

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