Milwaukie Schools 101: A Comprehensive Guide to North Clackamas Schools

Schools and School Districts in Milwaukie

Students living in the city of Milwaukie, OR, have a range of public, charter, and private schools ready to help them on their way to careers and higher education. With these options, it’s important for guardians to do their research. Education is an investment in the future, so here’s what you need to know about Milwaukie’s schools and school districts to help you make an informed choice that sets a child on the path to success.

Public School Districts Serving Milwaukie

Several schools within the public school district serve Milwaukie students, and North Clackamas Schools is the largest and most comprehensive school district. 

The district is just southeast of Portland and serves Milwaukie, the city of Happy Valley, and other parts of Clackamas County. The district encompasses 33 schools. Sojourner, Linwood, and Happy Valley are just a few of the public elementary schools within the district. Middle schools include Alder Creek, Rock Creek, Happy Valley, and Wilbur Rowe.

Beatrice Morrow Cannady Elementary School teaches students from kindergarten through fifth grade, while Rock Creek Middle School works diligently to get to know each student to ensure they receive the support they need to prepare for high school and beyond. 

Milwaukie High School is also home to the Milwaukie Academy of the Arts, a public charter school with students in grades 9–12. Both offer a variety of clubs, including mathematics, film, chess club, writer’s club, and many others. 

Adrienne C. Nelson is another high school in the district that offers a foundational curriculum as well as extracurricular activities, including athletics, drama, choir, and band.

Milwaukie Charter Schools

Charter Schools Near Milwaukie

Many charter schools serve Milwaukie and Clackamas County, OR.

Three Rivers Charter School

Three Rivers Charter School educates students in grades 4–8. According to, this charter school ranks in the top 1% of all charter schools in the state of Oregon for overall test scores, which include math and reading proficiency.

Alliance Charter Academy

Alliance Charter Academy serves students from kindergarten through 12th grade. This charter school offers personalized learning, including instruction tailored to each student’s education needs and learning style. All students receive one-on-one time with a teacher and enrichment via apprenticeships, technology, field trips, and more. The school also provides learning opportunities that blend academics with life experiences for a well-rounded graduate.

Clackamas Middle College

Clackamas Middle College enrolls students in grades nine through 12. This charter school is about 10 miles outside the city of Portland and enrolls students from all over the Portland Metro Area. 

CMC offers an innovative and challenging personalized education experience designed to prepare its students for college and careers in the future. The school’s goal is to bridge high school and college so that each student prepares for the world of higher education, professional development, and careers.

Swallowtail Waldorf School and Farm

Swallowtail Waldorf School and Farm has two campuses, including a six-acre main campus in Cornelius, Oregon. This charter school has small classes for students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. The curriculum encourages curiosity and critical thinking. Art, music, and outdoor time are part of the academic curriculum here.

Milwaukie Private Schools

Milwaukie also has several private schools nearby for students of all grade levels.

Northwest Academy

Northwest Academy is located in the cultural district of downtown Portland and provides education for students via curated experiences designed to encourage self-guided exploration, creative thought, and continual improvement. The school requires an in-person interview and has an application fee. Northwest Academy offers a unique curriculum that features engaged academics and an arts program. 

St. Mary’s Academy 

St. Mary’s Academy is an all-girl, private Catholic school in Portland. It teaches grades nine through 12, and approximately 99% of graduates from this school go on to attend a four-year college. Students have access to sports, a robotics team, performing and visual arts programs, and other extracurriculars.

Portland Waldorf School

Portland Waldorf School is set on seven acres, just 15 minutes from downtown Portland. The school is near two spring-fed creeks and has multiple play areas, two buildings, athletic fields, and a blacksmithing shop. 

The campus has abundant gardens and a wood-fired oven. The school’s goal is to offer students a comprehensive, well-rounded education that inspires a life-long love of learning and independent thinking. Portland Waldorf School offers classes for students from grades pre-K through 12. 

Westside Christian High School

Westside Christian High School is a private Christian school in the city of Tigard that offers its students college preparation, AP courses, and more. Students get to enjoy sports and arts programs, along with a number of special activities like a senior retreat and Fall Fest. 

Colleges & Universities Near Milwaukie

Milwaukie's Nearby Colleges & Universities

Several colleges serve the Milwaukie area, including private colleges, public colleges, and community colleges offering two-year degrees.

Franklin University

Franklin University offers over 50 bachelor's degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral programs. This accredited nonprofit four-year school serves mostly students who attend part-time, and the majority of students enrolled in the university attend classes solely online.

Clackamas Community College

Clackamas Community College has served students in the area for over 50 years. The college offers training opportunities and quality academics and encourages an open, collaborative process that involves students, faculty, and staff. The campus is 18 miles from downtown Portland, and the main campus marks the end of the Oregon Trail.

University of Western States

University of Western States is a private university located in Portland with an emphasis on health sciences. The school was founded in 1904 and is the second oldest chiropractic university in the world. Just under 1,000 students enroll each year in both traditional on-campus and online courses. Clinical training at UWS ensures that students are equipped for real-life experiences during their professional careers.

Start Your Education in Milwaukie

Ultimately, the key to a successful educational journey in Milwaukie, Oregon, is research and open communication with the schools and districts. Whether you prioritize public education for its accessibility, like the personalized approach of a private school, or are exploring specialized programs within the district, Milwaukie offers a variety of options. In the city’s wide education landscape, one thing is clear: there's a fitting choice for every student. 

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