Jordan's Real Estate Reputation

Hey everyone, Jordan Matin here at The Matin Real Estate Group, where we are known for our Luxury Service, and Exceptional Results. I want to talk about my real estate reputation. 

My Two Things

I’ve been working in this competitive industry for over a decade, and throughout those years, people have come to know me for two things: having beautiful, luxurious marketing materials, and being an aggressive & effective salesperson.

Eye-Catching Quality

When it comes to marketing, I ensure that all our published materials are extravagant and gorgeous. They catch the eye and let our clients know we’re true professionals. Whether it be our magazine ads, newsletters, videos, social media posts, etc, people know that the marketing materials our brokerage produces are polished and fit for royalty. And they’re consistently that level of quality for all our clients, regardless of their listing price.

My Competitive Nature

When it comes to my aggressive sales nature, people know that I go to work like a dog for my clients and their properties. When brokers see my sign, they know they have to bring their A-game to compete with me. I know what properties are worth, I know which sales techniques are most effective, and I know how to get the best price and terms for my clients. 

Real Results

Furthermore, people know that I expect the same level of luxury services and exceptional results from my brokers. They pound pavement day in and day out to ensure our clients are always happy with our services. We make sure our clients know they made the right choice when they chose us to help them buy or sell properties. Our online reviews reflect our passionate dedication to our clients. Check out our newest incredible video above to learn more about my reputation in this industry.


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