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At Matin Real Estate our team lists and sells over 200 properties a year. And because of this, we have a wealth of knowledge on the real estate inventory in Portland and SW Washington. Inventory that’s either coming up on the market, was recently listed with another broker, or they’re the “bring me a buyer when the time is right” type of seller. We like to classify these properties as part of the shadow inventory in the area.

We probably know about 500 to 1000 different sellers in those exact circumstances. Knowing about these sellers gives us an opportunity to provide unique prospects to our home buyers, and allows them to bypass many of the obstacles that come with purchasing a home that’s live on the market. These are homes that aren’t on the RMLS database, they aren’t on Zillow or any other similar website. And yet, we’re aware of these properties, and sometimes they’re exactly what our buyers are looking for.

Check out our newest fantastic video above to learn more about why we value off-market properties! 

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