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If you keep up with real estate trends, you’ve probably heard of this cash offer business within the industry. Companies like Zillow and OpenDoor are offering cash to buy your home. And guess what? Matin Real Estate does cash offers too. We are certified to connect you with institutional investors that we work with who can come make a quick cash offer on your home. All without your home being listed on the market and open for showings. 

But BE AWARE of one important piece: You’re going to lose money. 

When I talk to people who are considering cash offers, it’s typically not people who have millions of dollars in their bank. They want the cash in their pocket sooner than later, without waiting for the home to be sold on the market. But putting your home on the market is the best way to get the most value. 

We’re always going to encourage our clients to make the most amount of money they can when selling their home. Why? Because we want what’s best for our clients. But if you’re determined to get that home sold, without putting it on the market, we provide those services as well. At the end of the day, we always respect our clients' decisions, and will help them sell their home, no matter which avenue they choose to sell it.

Check out our newest amazing video above to learn more about cash offers and why they may or may not be the best decision for you. 

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