The Power of Prospecting in Real Estate

I know that tons of real estate brokers out there aren’t willing to make calls, yet it’s a crucial part of being a successful agent. There’s a basic philosophy in real estate: you’re either a consultant or a salesperson. The most significant difference between the two titles is that consultants don’t make a commission. Salespeople do. If I were a real estate consultant, I would be paid an hourly rate. But we aren’t hired to consult. We are hired to sell real estate. 

Why is Prospecting Important for a Seller?

If you’re a home seller, you’re hiring me to get your home sold at an attractive price with the least amount of hassle. That’s what we do, and that’s why our agents are on the phones four hours every morning, pounding pavement, looking for buyers for your property. It is one of the most beneficial things our organization provides, and it’s why, last year, we brought buyers to 35% of the properties we listed. The average is 1% nationwide. That’s one massive benefit of prospecting. 

Why is Prospecting Important for a Buyer? 

On the buy-side of real estate, agents should be trying to service their buyers on a high level. They should inform them and give them all the content they need. Our agents create meaningful relationships with sellers, and because we are constantly reaching out to clients, we’re aware of hundreds of homes in the “shadow inventory.” This means these homes aren’t on the market but would sell if given the right offer. If your agent isn’t consistently prospecting, their level of inventory knowledge will be minuscule compared to the agents that do. 

Why We Prospect

Many brokers don’t like making calls because they feel like it’s too “salesy.” Well, it’s how we guarantee that we’re delivering the best service possible to our clients. It’s just part of the job. Some agents can get by without prospecting. But that’s the thing; they’re just getting by. Our agents don’t just get by. They excel. They’re on the phone every day, and the results speak for themselves.

Check out our latest fantastic video above to learn more about why prospecting is a crucial part of our success. 

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