How to Get Off-Market Deals

We have tons of off-market properties to take advantage of here at MRE. Off-market properties are homes in the “shadow inventory,” meaning our agents have spoken to sellers whose homes aren’t on the market but are ready for a cash offer. Sometimes the houses are vacant, or the seller is in a position to sell when the right offer comes along. Although these homes aren’t on the market, we’re aware of them because of our consistent outreach to potential sellers. 

Who are Off-Market Properties For?

These can be great for buyers who prefer to avoid going through a bidding war. Going through a traditional market home sale can become more complex when competing with multiple buyers. It’s to a buyer's advantage to have an agent that is aware of off-market properties, especially during a seller's market. These off-market properties are also very popular among real estate investors. Sometimes these properties can be fixer-uppers and ideal for people looking to flip a home. 

Where Do I Look? 

At MRE, our brokers are required to be on the phones prospecting for at least four hours a day. If you’re interested in finding off-market properties, reach out to one of our stellar agents, and they’ll help you search through the “shadow inventory.” Depending on the time of year, we know about 500-1000 homes that are not actively on the market but are considering offers. We can help you navigate the market and find the right home or investment for you. 

Check out our latest amazing video above to learn more about how you can take advantage of off-market properties by working with one of our incredible agents. 

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