How Our Real Estate Brokerage Stand Out

There are over 10,000 brokers in Portland, and over 3,000 in SW Washington. And yet, our brokers consistently stand out. Most agents only do three, maybe four transactions a year. This year, Matin Real Estate will do over 150 transactions with only a handful of brokers. 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

On top of that, we spend $60,000 a month to market our properties. That’s way above what the average brokerage spends on marketing. We accomplish this by having a stellar in-house administration team that works day in and day out to make sure our clients are satisfied with our services. We have our own photographer, our own graphic designer, our own social media expert, and having these roles in-house ensures quality and professionalism in all our marketing materials. 

An Office of Experts

You could say that what we do best is specialize. Everyone here is an expert in their role. Our listing and transaction coordinators are the best an agent could ask for. We put so much effort into our administration team because it’s our mission to consistently deliver a Ritz-Carlton experience to our clients. They know we’re going to make their home look stunning when it goes on the market, and they know that their needs and expectations will be met throughout the listing process.

Pass it On

Delivering this high level of service to our clients provides Matin Real Estate with a large amount of business based on referrals. Our clients are always happy to recommend us to family and friends looking to buy or sell properties. They know that whoever they recommend us to will get the same luxurious and effective experience that they themselves had. 

Check out our newest amazing video above to learn more about why Matin Real Estate is different from other brokerages. 

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