Hiring the Right Real Estate Team

I wanted to break down the different areas in Oregon and Washington in which we work and specialize to give you a better understanding of our geographic market. 

What We Have 

We specialize in a team that can build marketing around your listing to sell your property that has failed to sell in the past on the open market. We also have a whole host of staff and marketing tools to broaden the audience that will see your listing and we find buyers nationally as well as locally. Overall, we find buyers that can afford your property. 

What We Do

We stay in constant contact with you while trying to sell your property so you don't feel like you are doing this alone. We help you in this journey with our agents that will offer you a white glove experience with luxury real estate. 

If you're thinking about buying or selling real estate in any of these markets, or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out!  

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