California Buyers in Real Estate

You probably know at least a few people who moved to the Pacific Northwest from California. It’s been a popular trend that has grown over the last decade. People are flooding from California and purchasing properties in Portland and the surrounding areas. 

Prepare the Wagon for Oregon!

Whether it be because of the higher taxes, maybe it’s the traffic, whatever the reason we’re seeing more and more people selling their homes in California and choosing to move up here. Home prices in California are typically higher than here, so sellers often think that California buyers will come in with high offers or cash offers. Although that does occasionally happen, typically, California buyers are searching for homes the same way Oregon buyers are, trying to balance the best features with the best price. 

Beyond California

Although we do see the most out-of-state traffic from California, we help people from any State, and most countries, purchase homes in the great Northwest. Last year, about half our buyers came from out of state or out of the country. We market our business to anyone looking for properties in our region, no matter where they are looking from. 

Check out our latest amazing video above to learn more about California buyers in the Portland real estate market! 

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