Client Expectation For Our First Meeting


If you’re a seller, I always like to come out to the property as one of the first steps. I will ask you some questions over the phone and try and do a little research on your home. I’ll look for some tax records on the property or some photos. If you’ve owned your home for a number of decades I might just have to go with some Google Maps views. Either way, I’ll put together some basic comparison analyses, marketing materials, and a plan of action. I’ll send these out to you, that way when we meet for the first time we can go over them together.

I like to get a good idea of what the home looks like. I’ll look at anything you might have added to the home, as well as the condition of things like the roof, basement, and sewer line. Once I’ve seen all this, I can give you an accurate valuation of what we believe we can sell your home for with our marketing. Currently, we’re selling our homes for an average of 4% more than the average broker. The higher valuations are due to our consistently higher volume of sales and the caliber of our marketing material. But that is all information we will go over at our first meeting.


Additionally, we set up a timeline for the sale of your home. This includes when will you be ready for photographs and videos of the home. I’ll ask when do you want the home to be put on the market and when do you want to start taking offers? Through the comprehensive plan, we’ll put together, you can potentially close the property sale, still have the keys and be residing there, have the money from the sale, and purchase your new home. We are able to help you negotiate this seamless sale and transition. These are just some of the capabilities we offer our sellers.

Important Info

Now for buyers, the situation is a little bit different. Some of the first questions I ask are whether you’ve already spoken to a lender? What kind of a down-payment are you working with? What does your schedule look like? Other information I’ll gather is your priorities in terms of school districts and commutes to work. When you are hoping to move is also an important factor.

Showing Showings

I always ask buyers to first come into the office before we go to look at homes. It’s important that I too have a detailed idea of what your perfect home looks like, so we can find it for you. I show prospective buyers not only homes on RMLS but also off-market homes. If you’re thinking of selling your home or are looking to buy a home, I would love to schedule one of these meetings with you. Please reach out and consider the Matin Real Estate Group your expert Broker in the Portland & SW Washington Markets! 

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