Clients Deserve a Big Budget Real Estate Brokerage

We spend over $60,000 a month to market our properties. If you’re selling your home with us, that means your listing is going to get exposure not only across the country but across the world. 15% of our buyers last year were from out of the country. We have an international MLS that goes to over 800,000 brokers, 40 different languages, and 20 different currencies. Our marketing team goes above and beyond to get your listing in front of as many potential buyers as possible. 

Constant Connections

Because we have a large number of listings and because our marketing casts such a wide net, we’re aware of hundreds of properties that would be ideal for one of our buyers. Many of these homes aren’t even on the market. Or maybe it’s a home that was previously listed with another broker. We can reach out to that broker and get the process started. If you’re a buyer, and you’re working with us, we can potentially get you into your dream home without ever having to compete for it. 

The Real Estate Market is Your Oyster

We have access to these listings because we spend so much to be a force in the market. Our big-budget ensures that our sellers are receiving the best potential buyers and not waiting long for the perfect buyer to make an offer. It also helps our buyers have greater access to homes and gives them the potential to purchase a home without the headaches of multiple-off scenarios. You gotta spend money to make money, and we’ve seen the results. I don’t think a dollar of that $60,000 monthly budget is wasted. It all goes towards creating a Ritz-Carlton experience for our buyers and sellers. 

Check out our latest amazing video above to learn more about why hiring an organization with a big budget is in your best interest. 


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