Oregon City Hikes: 6 Best Trails in Oregon City

Best Walking and Jogging Trails in Oregon City

As one of the outer suburbs of the city of Portland, Oregon City is a quiet place with plenty of inviting outdoor adventures. It's also a center for convenience and accessibility, being one of the suburbs closest to the Portland International Airport. Locals can go walking, jogging, and hiking in various places, in addition to fishing, sightseeing, birdwatching, and other activities. But where to start?

Oregon City has a lot of great choices, so residents and visitors can mix up their hikes or workouts with new scenery each time. Here are six of the best trails where hikers and joggers can enjoy the outdoors in Oregon City, OR.

Stone Creek Hiking Trail

To reach the Stone Creek Hiking Trail, head to the Stone Creek Golf Club directly south of Oregon City. This public 18-hole golf course has a woodchip mulch trail that surrounds the course, and it's open for the public to walk, hike, or jog on. Leashed dogs are welcome, too. In addition to views of a beautifully maintained golf course and some wooded areas, the trail offers views of Mt. Hood in the distance. It also has some excellent golf course homes in the vicinity to check out.

The Stone Creek Hiking Trail is about 2.8 miles long and takes about an hour to complete. The woodchip surface, and the fact that there are a few steep spots on the trail, means that this hike may not be suitable for those pushing a stroller or using a wheelchair. This "Easy" rated hike is also great for birdwatching and viewing wildlife like squirrels and deer.

McLoughlin Promenade

Walk McLoughlin Promenade in Oregon City, OR

To get to the McLoughlin Promenade, visitors must go to Main Street and 7th Street in Downtown Oregon City and ride the Municipal Elevator (as seen in the above photo) to the top. The promenade begins outside the top of the elevator. This is a 2.5-mile out-and-back walk that is rated as "Easy." The walk follows the top of the ridge, high above the Willamette River, and numerous Oregon City luxury homes. It offers spectacular views of Willamette Falls.

The trail is paved, suitable for walking or jogging, and follows the bluff to Old Canemah Park. McLoughlin Promenade is named after Dr. John McLoughlin, a pioneer considered by historians to be the "father of Oregon." The promenade leads to the McLoughlin House and past homes in the McLoughlin Historic District. This walk is an excellent way to view the river and some of Oregon's history, as Oregon City was the original capital city of the territory. As such, the neighborhood is the site for some of the most impressive historic homes in Oregon City.

Hopkins Demonstration Forest Outer Loop

The Hopkins Demonstration Forest is a 140-acre, privately owned forest located southeast of Oregon City. The visitor's center at the Demonstration Forest is the perfect starting point for a hike or jog. It's about 11 miles south of Downtown Oregon City, and it takes about 20 minutes to drive there. The Outer Loop trail departs from the visitor's center and loops around the outer edges of the forest. Part of this scenic trail follows Beaver Creek.

The trail is an "Easy" rated 2.8-mile hike that takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes to complete. One thing about this trail that visitors have noted is that the further away from the visitor's center, the fewer signs there are to follow the Outer Loop trail. Several smaller trails branch off from it, so check the map thoroughly before attempting this trail. They also offer guided tours from the visitor center for those who want to learn more about the forest.

Canemah Pioneer Cemetery and Licorice Fern Trail

This lovely little loop trail begins and ends in the Canemah neighborhood in Oregon City. The trail originates at the Canemah Neighborhood Children's Park at the end of 4th Avenue. The trail follows the bluff until it reaches the Canemah Pioneer Cemetery, where many pioneer families who settled in the Canemah area are buried. The cemetery is usually locked, but the public can view the graves if the gate is open.

The trail then loops to the south until it intersects with the Licorice Fern Trail, which heads back to the parking lot at 4th Avenue. This short loop is 1.7 miles long and takes around 40 minutes to complete. Dogs are welcome but must be leashed on this "Easy" neighborhood trail.

Clackamas River Trail

Hike Clackamas River Trail in Oregon City, OR

The Clackamas River Trail sets out from Main Street, near the roundabout with S. Agnes Avenue. Visitors can park in the "Big Ol Parkin Arrangement" parking lot and set out on the paved trail. The route follows the Clackamas River, meandering through McLoughlin and past homes in Park Place for 1.8 miles. This is an "Easy" walk or hike, and leashed dogs are welcome to accompany their owners.

Hikers can follow the trail to its terminus at South Washington Street or hike an additional unpaved trail about halfway through the hike, which gets closer to the river. They'll pass the B-4 Work Fishin Hole and can walk down the Mike Koski Peninsula for additional river views. Walking the main trail takes just a little over 30 minutes. There is only a slight elevation gain of about 45 feet on the Clackamas River Trail, so it's suitable for wheelchair and stroller access.

Newell Creek Canyon Nature Park

The entrance to Newell Creek Canyon Nature Park is at 485 Warner Milne Road in Oregon City. This mostly dirt and gravel trail is suitable for hiking, jogging, or mountain biking. The trail sets out from the entrance to the park and then splits about a half-mile into the forest. The routes to the left and right both loop back to the same location. Either route is approximately 3.2 miles long and rated "Easy," and takes about 90 minutes from start to finish.

The trail follows Newell Creek part of the way for some scenic and forested views. The hike passes a small waterfall at one point. Wildlife in the nature park includes beavers, red foxes, blacktail deer, and cottontail rabbits. During the spring and summer months, wildflowers grow in the park and add to the scenery. Dogs are not allowed in the Newell Creek Canyon Nature Park.

Enjoy Walking, Jogging, and Hiking in Oregon City

Oregon City is far enough out on the outskirts of Portland that it still has many unpaved natural areas to explore. Plus, it's one of Portland's most walkable suburbs! Walkers, joggers, and hikers have a lot of different options when it comes to places for scenic views and fresh air. Many of these hikes also provide the chance to see some local wildlife. There are more challenging hikes waiting outside the city limits, but this list should provide enough options for newcomers to get started on learning the area around Oregon City.

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