Discover the 5 Best Hiking Trails in Camas: Hidden Gems Revealed

Best Trails in Camas WA

The city of Camas, Washington, is loaded with natural beauty and plenty of trails from which to see that nature. Residents enjoy birding, walking, hiking, biking, and kayaking throughout the lakes and waterways of this beautiful Pacific Northwest city. From the picturesque water views along Lacamas Lake trails to the forested hikes at Grass Valley, there are several amazing walking, biking, and hiking trails near Camas, WA.

Lacamas Lake Trails 

Where to See Camas Lilies in Camas WA

The city of Camas carries the name of the camas lily, a regional wildflower once abundant in this area. Today, one of the best places to see the camas lily fields in bloom is during April at the lake trails at Lacamas Park. The Park is a 312-acre natural paradise with several of the best lakes in Camas, rolling meadows, and beautiful Pacific Northwest waterfalls. The Lacamas Lake trails are mostly interconnected, allowing hikers to customize the length and duration of their adventure. Fishing is also available year-round at Lacamas Lake. The lake's largemouth bass population is abundant, especially during summer.

The city's maps show the primary trails, while signs in Lacamas Park display dozens of user-made paths. Three main trails wind around the area: Lacamas Heritage Trail, Lacamas Creek Trail, and Round Lake Loop. You can park at Lacamas Creek Trailhead on Northeast Third Street, Lacamas Park parking lot on Northeast Everett Street, and Northeast 35th Avenue. 

Lacamas Heritage Trail 

Lacamas Heritage Trail is a 7-mile in-and-out hike, rated as moderate and perfect for hikers who enjoy peaceful nature walks. 

The Heritage Trail parallels Lacamas Creek and the western shore of Lacamas Lake. Shaded by a canopy of old-growth forest, trail-goers will likely spot wildlife like bald eagles, deer, and rabbits. The trail is well-maintained and wide, mostly gravel, and popular among residents for hiking, walking, bicycling, birding, fishing, and kayaking.

As the Heritage Trail is one of the easiest and most accessible hikes in the Lacamas Lake area, it's also one of the most frequented. Following the southern shore of Lacamas Lake, the 3.5-mile trail has stunning views of the lake and Mt. Hood on a clear day. Expect to encounter other people while exploring unless you visit on a weekday.

To approach the Lacamas Heritage Trail from its southern end, take SR 14 to SR 500 in Camas; turn north on SR 500 to NW Lake Road. Alternatively, there is also a trailhead at the upper trail end of NE Goodwin Road.

Lacamas Creek Trail 

Best Trails in Camas: Lacamas Lake Park

A forested oasis surrounded by new construction homes, the Lacamas Creek trail is the shortest of the three main trails at 0.7 miles, with incredible views of the Lacamas Creek streaming below. Maples and alders line the path, making for spectacular fall colors starting in early November. Dogs are welcome on this moderate, mostly gravel trail. Parking for the trailhead is conveniently located on 3rd Avenue, directly across the street from Louis Bloch Park. 

Douglas firs lead hikers from Lacamas Creek to Lower Falls, a splashing waterfall with seasonally exposed rock. After the falls, you'll come to McEnry Bridge, which takes you over the creek to a four-way insection that connects the rest of the Lacamas Park trail system. Follow the trail to the right to reach the one-way Red Tape mountain biking trail. 

Round Lake Loop 

The 1.4-mile Round Lake Loop trail can work as part of an interconnected Lacamas Lake hike or as a standalone one. Tread here varies from paved paths to wide and narrow dirt, and while the trail is primarily flat, there are a few steep hills. The Loop is generally considered easy. Leashed dogs are a welcome addition to your hike. 

Dramatic rocky cliffs and grassy green shorelines make Round Lake Loop a great photography backdrop. Hiking or walking the trail on the weekend increases your chances of stumbling upon a photo shoot! Points of interest include the Round Lake Dam and the beautiful Pothole Falls, slightly off the main path. In the summer, the falls are a favorite local swimming hole, with cliff jumpers diving into the calm waters of the Lacamas Creek below. 

Go to the lot off 3rd Avenue at the Lacamas Creek Trailhead for parking. After the first 0.7 miles, you will hit the McEnry Bridge. 

Grass Valley Hiking Trails 

Grass Valley Park is one of Camas's most popular parks, centrally located in the middle tip of the community. With an elevation of 305 feet, Grass Valley is home to several locally beloved hiking trails, including Prune Hill Loop.

Prune Hill is an extinct volcano in the Boring Volcanic Field that was named after the prune orchards planted on its summit in the 1880s. At the western section of Prune Hill is the Fisher Quarry, mined for its basalt boulder. Due to the prune production in this area, Clark County dubbed itself as the “prune capital of the world.”

The Prune Hill Loop is a 7.5-mile paved hiking and walking trail, rated as moderate. Prune Hill Loop is Grass Valley's most scenic and inclusive hike, filled with lush trees, thick ferns, and lovely views. Sections of the trail also run past the communities of luxury homes that make up the area. At the northwestern base of Prune Hill's slope lies a small wetland with a creek that drains directly into Grass Valley. Covered with red osier dogwood, willow, hawthorn, alder, maple, and reed canarygrass, this area is a great place to spot beavers and deer.

Leashed dogs are welcome on Grass Valley's hiking trails, and the park is known for always being stocked with waste bags. Other amenities include tennis and basketball courts, baseball fields, pickleball courts, a children's playground, restrooms, and plenty of tables to picnic on.

Washougal River Greenway Trail

Washougal River Trail Near Camas WA

Short but scenic, the 1.1-mile Washougal River Greenway trail near the Camas and Washougal boundary is ideal for those who want to explore without encountering many fellow hikers. This paved trail follows along the Washougal River and crosses over it in places, passing over smaller ponds and wetlands.

Dog-friendly and accessible, The Greenway Trail has stunning views of the Washougal River throughout and is an excellent spot for fishing. This trail is also known for its fantastic birdwatching. Birders come here to see herons, ducks, cormorants, ospreys, and bald eagles. With mostly flat terrain, this trail is considered easy and suitable for children.

There are two places to park for this trail: at a small pullout on the side of Northeast Third Loop or in the large parking lot at the corner of Northeast Second Avenue and Southeast Yale Street.

Enjoy Nature on the Best Trails in Camas

Camas, Washington, has abundant untouched natural beauty and several trails to enjoy the outdoors. Locals can choose from all types of outdoor activities like birdwatching, walking, jogging, hiking, bicycling, and kayaking. From the dramatic wetlands and views of the lake offered by the Lacamas Lake trails to the shaded hikes at Grass Valley, there are several ways to explore around Camas.

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