Become a Real Estate Investor

The most common strategy for people to increase their wealth and create financial security in this nation is through real estate investing. It is a durable asset that increases in value each year and is not nearly as volatile as other well-liked assets. Seeing my clients and coworkers turn into real estate investors and buy investment properties is one of my favorite aspects of being a real estate agent. I've witnessed a lot of folks be able to support themselves and their family with additional money and future wealth.

How Do I Start Investing?

At MRE, our goal is to create wealth in the pacific northwest through real estate. We maintain frequent contact with numerous regional investors and developers and have a sizable inventory of investment properties. We can find off-market deals that we're continually writing offers on, bringing investors by, or connecting individuals with our immediate cash offer service,, so that our clients can buy properties more competitively. 

But I’m Not Jeff Bezos

Our clients are frequently taken aback by how inexpensive it is to begin investing in real estate. There are many various financing alternatives available, including VA, FHA, and USDA loans, so you don't need to put 20% down. We occasionally accept 0% down payment when selling investment properties. Working with one of our knowledgeable agents will enable us to assist you at every step. We'll determine what falls inside your price range, look at both on- and off-market investment properties, and we'll address all of your concerns along the process.

Start Planning Your Future Today

The best strategy to safeguard your financial future for you and your family is to invest in real estate investments. Please get in touch, regardless of whether you're an experienced investor with a number of properties or just searching for your first rental. At MRE, we'd be happy to demonstrate how real estate investing can help you increase your wealth.

To discover more about investment properties and to safeguard your financial future, watch our most recent, incredible video above!

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