Bathroom Organization Ideas That Cut The Clutter

Graphic created by Modern Bathroom.

A bright and positive morning can quickly become stressful with a chaotic bathroom. If your personal care products are piling up on the counter, one solution is to corral them with a shallow, decorative tray. Organization can keep necessities such as skincare products, contact cases, perfumes and colognes, and jewelry in sight yet neatly contained. You can also buy a countertop storage container with various compartments. Avoid keeping large items such as hair styling tools, towels, and excessive amounts of products on countertops as these take up tons of space. Glass canisters let you display cotton balls, Q tips, and bath salts in a beautiful way. Glass jars are easily accessible, which makes them convenient when guests use your bathroom. Home décor stores often have a variety of bathroom storage pieces.

The under-sink area can easily become disorganized. Because the area is typically hidden by doors, it’s easy to throw unsightly things under there when company is coming over. Gather cleaners and tools in a small caddy or two-tiered organizer that doubles on storage to maximize space and keep your things in order. You may also want to keep a cumbersome trash can out of sight by attaching it to the cabinet door underneath the vanity.  

No matter the size of your bathroom it is easy to become disorganized. For more ways on how to designate storage locations for items, see the accompanying resource.

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