Appealing to International Buyers


How you can make your property more appealing to International Buyers?

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Right now in the Portland Metro and SW Washington areas, there is a huge influx of International Buyers looking at properties. 

We typically see perspective buyers coming from East Asia, as opposed to Europe. This is primarily due to our West Coast location and travel times. Especially with perspective Asian buyers, colors in a home are very important. Within some East Asian cultures, white can often symbolize death, and red can mean joyous or fortunate. Therefore, being mindful of colors like these in marketing materials, branding and home decor is important and should be kept in mind.

Another example is in Chinese Culture, the number 8 signifies fortune and good luck. So we’re seeing realtors often pricing homes with a number of 8’s in the price. A million dollar home could be listed for $988,888 for example. Feng Shui within a home can also be a good selling point; we have worked with consultants in the past to try and help ensure this.

We typically see perspective buyers coming from East Asia, as opposed to Europe.

We use an International RMLS known as Proxiopro. This pushes our listings out to over 100 different countries and translates content into over 20 different languages.

Another cornerstone of our marketing strategy is Reverse Targeting. This is where we look at different buying trends for different types of home buyers. This allows us to properly frame each of our listing properties to that category or niche of buyer. From there, we can market that property to the appropriate buyers locally, domestically and internationally. We utilized this tactic with 30% of last year’s buyers of our listings.

If you’re looking for these kind of results, or you are curious about how your home can be specifically marketed to International Buyers, please reach out to us today!

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