4 Hidden Gems in Portland You May Not Know About

If you’re a newcomer or a tourist to the Portland area, you may have wondered what lay beneath the surface of things to explore. Sure, you could find some local eateries and national parks and other businesses that are common places for people to visit. You could even just enjoy taking it easy with some basic outdoor exploring through parks and hiking trails.

If you have an adventurous spirit, however, you may find yourself wondering about the different types of hidden gems that only the most local of residents know about and visit. Luckily, enough word has gotten out about some of these places. Here are a few areas to consider exploring during your next days of travel:

Book Story4 Hidden Gems in Portland You May Not Know About

If you’re a bookworm like me, you get excited to hear about special shops that sell all kinds of different books you can’t find just anywhere. Book Story, aptly named, is just the type of place for you. Located off North Williams Avenue, the building itself will likely stand out if you’re looking for it. A small, very much green building with the letters of Book Story literally spelled out and attached to the store, this business hosts a wide variety of indie and popular authors. You’ll find yourself floored by how many books can be crammed in to such a tiny building – literally from top to bottom!

Hippo Hardware

Contrast Book Story’s small building with Hippo Hardware’s enormous 30,000 square foot building, Hippo Hardware’s name alone should spark some interest. If you fancy all kinds of random trinkets from antique kitchen sinks to lamps and door handles and bicycles and even pony rides, you’ll want to give this unique hardware store a go. Located at 1040 East Burnside Street, you’ll have to travel a little out of the way to find Hippo Hardware; but once you do, you’ll always want to come back for another visit.

4 Hidden Gems in Portland You May Not Know AboutWitch’s Castle Walk

For outdoor adventurers, here’s a good one for you. Take a trip to Balch Creek near Willamette Heights, and you’ll find a totally non-spooky little park known as Witch’s Castle Walk. There, you’ll find a beautiful rain forest with a walking trail and a little stone house that looks more like a cabin than an actual castle. That said, you’ll enjoy the scenery and nature walks!

Goodwill Superstore

You haven’t been to a Goodwill store until you’ve been to the Columbia Williamette store, often referred to as the Goodwill superstore. Located at 1943 SE 6th Avenue, this mega thrift store showcases all kinds of books, clothes, electronic appliances, and random knick-knacks that will suit your fancy. You’ll find all of these and more at great prices, so don’t miss out on trying this great store!

Portland is still a surprising, fun, and adventurous place! Planning on a move to Portland? Maybe out in the suburbs? Start browsing all the great places in Portland below or call our office for all Portland real estate and tips on relocating to the Portland metro area.

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