11 Features Home Buyers Want

Making sure your home has the features buyers want most will increase your financial reward at sale time.11 Features Home Buyers Want

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and various other sources of research regarding consumer buying habits, the following features are desired most by home buyers entering the current housing market. Consulting with your real estate agent can help you determine which features are most desirable in the region where your home is located.

In the kitchen area, energy-efficient appliances and windows are considered important because they save money on utility costs which generally climb upward on an annual basis.

Also desirable as one of the most coveted kitchen features is a walk-in pantry. Pantries can relieve the overcrowding in kitchen cupboards that comes when families run out of space to store essentials and other items they have purchased at big box retailers or warehouse clubs.

Another desirable kitchen feature is an eat-in area where families can congregate, especially in the morning and in the evening. If there is not enough space in the kitchen to create an eat-in area, installing a center island with room for bar stools can add space for gathering together.

Even though the eat-in area is a desirable feature, many homeowners today also want a dining room separate from the kitchen where they can entertain guests and family members. In fact, the separate dining room is among the top 10 essentials for first and second home buyers according to the NAHB.

Other highly desirable interior features are ceiling fans. They can be attractive aesthetically as well as energy-efficient. When used with an air conditioner, ceiling fans can help lower cooling costs during warmer months.

An interior feature that never seems to go out of style is hardwood flooring which is easier to maintain and more durable than carpet. Offering a clean look, hardwood can be refinished periodically and last a lifetime. Engineered hardwood which is often 15 percent cheaper than pure hardwood is another option for sellers on a budget.

A walk-in closet in the master bedroom is an interior feature that is highly desirable for many couples who must share space for their clothing and other belongings.

Exterior features that are in demand include extra garage storage space--think shelving and cabinets--and exterior lighting which adds aesthetics and safety to a home.

Nearly 87 percent of buyers are interested in patios. Versatile, comfortably furnished and attractive patios can expand outdoor living space without the need to invest in additional construction costs. |

By making sure the home you are selling includes as many of these desirable features as possible, it will be “off the market” as soon after it is listed. The time saved will reduce mortgage, maintenance and staging costs incurred with a house that lingers on the market. The end result: A higher profit from the sale of your home.

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