10 Most Popular Neighborhoods in Portland Oregon

Coolest neighborhood, most popular, the best place to live etc., all of these are fairly relative depending on where you want to live in the Portland area. But, there are a few neighborhoods and communities that typically rank some of the highest and most popular. Here are the 10 most popular neighborhoods in the Portland metro area and some details about living there.

Pearl District10 Most Popular Neighborhoods in Portland Oregon

This downtown Metro neighborhood consistently ranks as one of the top and most popular neighborhoods. Located in the heart of downtown, it's ideal for young professionals looking for nightlife, families with young kids who want to be close to family-friendly activities and there's plenty of places to eat, shop, and enjoy. You'll primarily find condominiums, apartments, and townhouses starting at about $180,000 up to over $2 million for penthouse condominiums.

Nob Hill

Also known as the Northwest area or Northwest district, this densely populated residential neighborhood also has retail shops, restaurants, and nearly 15,000 residents. It's a combination of the Portland campus of Linfield College, the Portland streetcar system links to Nob Hill from the Pearl District, and it's closely related to the downtown cultural district, Portland State University, and the waterfront area. You'll find shops, restaurants, markets and more as well as condominiums and a few historical homes starting about $250,000.

Northwest Heights

This Portland neighborhood has been ranked #1 Best places to buy a house in Portland. It receives nearly all high marks for its sparse suburban feel, residential homes, and lots of parks. The median home value is about $650,000 with a population of 5500. Residents are about 10 minutes from downtown Portland and the Pearl District.

Lloyd District

Looking for high-rise condominiums? The Lloyd District is home of the Mode at Center and the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in the Rose Quarter. You'll find lots of shopping and dining as well as a highly commercialized area, condominiums, apartments, and high-rise living. Condominiums and houses start at about $450,000.

South Waterfront

While this is not necessarily its own neighborhood, it is a region in downtown Portland. High-rise condominiums and homes on the shores of the Willamette River are abundant. The waterfront district is close to hospitals, markets, shops, restaurants, and more as well as much entertainment from downtown.


This district, which sometimes encompasses Overlook and University Park, will offer close residential homes to downtown yet slightly removed from the dense urban feel of the Pearl District. Most places feature beautiful views of the river and waterfront parks with all of the amenities that you'd want in a popular neighborhood such as restaurants, trendy spots on Hawthorne and division, shopping, and entertainment. Homes and real estate start at about $400,000.

St. Johns

Also referred to as Cathedral Park, these two distinct neighborhoods feel like small towns all to their own were folks enjoy the quirkiness and eclectic feel of North Portland. For unique architecture, outdoor activities in Forest Park, or kayaking around the areas, St. Johns makes a beautiful place to call home with condos starting about $220,000 in single-family homes of about $400,000 plus.

Sylvan Highlands

This area, which includes other neighborhoods such as Southwest Hills, Bridlemile, and Healy Heights offer an upscale suburban neighborhood with larger backyards. You won't find a lot of commercialization in this area but you will find larger homes, excellent schools, and well-organized neighborhood associations. Home start at about $350,000 up to $2 million.

Arlington Heights

Looking over the city, Arlington Heights offers some of the best views in all the Portland neighborhoods. It offers the international Rose Test Garden, the Arboretum, multiple walking trails, shops, restaurants, and quaint little outlets. You'll find homes with stunning views up to $3 million or more as well as smaller historical homes under $500,000.

Ladd's Addition

This unique and historical neighborhood is Portland's first planned neighborhood with a mix of residential homes and rose gardens. It's quite different than most other Portland neighborhoods as it does not follow a typical grid system like most other Portland neighborhoods. You'll find historical buildings and homes, a quiet reprieve from the crazy city, and tree-lined streets with kids riding their bikes and playing in the front yard. You'll find homes anywhere from $200,000 to over $900,000 and typically have a historical or vintage design.

While this definitely is not an exhaustive list, it might help you make a better decision of where to live in Portland. There are many, if not hundreds of beautiful neighborhoods and communities throughout the Portland metro area and even into Southwest Washington. Start your online search here and browse some of our most popular communities or click through the neighborhoods to find your perfect home in Portland.

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