Navigating Multiple Offer Scenarios

Buyers in multiple offer scenarios should always be considering making offers that are attractive from the seller's perspective. Why? Because as a buyer you’re going to want to position yourself in the mind of a seller as the best buyer for their property. 

What Sellers Want

So let’s think about what a seller wants. Our company always puts our homes on the market on Thursdays because this allows buyers to get their priorities in order on Friday, so they can come to see the property over the weekend. By Monday morning, I’m reviewing these offers with the seller and usually am picking the highest bid. If the seller is happy, we go pending. If not, I tell the buyers to sharpen their pencils and come back again with more attractive offers. 

Mr.Right Offer

I make sure that I immediately forward every offer to my seller as they come in. When reviewing offers, we look at the different terms. How much of a down payment do they have? Has the financing been done right? I also typically encourage buyers to offer a free rent back, so the seller has a comfortable amount of time to move out. 

Seemless & Successful

That is how I recommend the buyers proceed; with the sellers best interest prioritized in their offers. This ensures my sellers get the best terms in their contracts. They know they’re going to get a good price and that the transaction will close and feel seamless. Buyers should always be making offers from the seller's perspective. That’s how I constantly win in multiple offer scenarios. 

Check out our newest amazing video above to learn more about how I effectively navigate multiple offer scenarios.

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