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Unlock the door to your future dream home in Portland with PortlandRealEstate.com! Our website is the ultimate guide to real estate across the Portland metro area, covering everything from Dunthorpe to West Linn and beyond. Matin Real Estate is dedicated to helping all home buyers and sellers make informed decisions about their buying and selling needs so you can sell your home for maximum profit or buy the house of your dreams. Our user-friendly MLS tools and extensive listing database makes finding your next home a breeze, while our free market analysis and comprehensive seller services will help you get top dollar on your home!

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When you're looking to sell a home in Portland or the surrounding area, you can count on Matin Real Estate agents to provide top-notch service when listing your home. Ready to sell? Find your city below or get a free market analysis on your home now!

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Use our PNW community guides to help guide you in your search for the best places to live near Portland, OR.

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We know that finding the perfect home can be overwhelming, but our massive directory of Portland MLS listings makes it easy! Available homes for sale on PortlandRealEstate.com are updated every 15 minutes, so you can always find the most up-to-date listings in your area.

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Portland and the other communities along I-5 are a great place to live and work, and our Portland Real Estate Blog will keep you up-to-date on all things related to real estate in the PNW! With our goal of providing real estate information for those looking to buy or sell property available within our area, we want to arm you with all the information you need to make your home search successful. Whether you are trying to find information on Portland or learning about real estate or mortgage information, our Portland real estate blog has you covered, including Portland Moving Guides and even information on the best places to live in and popular things to do in Portland.

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About Matin Real Estate

Matin Real Estate Agents in Portland Oregon

Matin Real Estate is the most driven, passionate, and aggressive brokerage, rated one of the region's fastest growing private companies in 2023 by the Portland Business Journal. By leveraging the most effective marketing techniques and strategies, we have achieved remarkable results at Matin Real Estate. Our team is committed to staying on the cutting edge of marketing trends and technologies, using data-driven insights to create targeted campaigns, and proactive resources. The founder, Jordan Matin, is in the top 10 brokers in the region and is mentoring the team of full-time working agents of Matin Real Estate with his knowledge, experience, and outstanding results.

At MRE, we take pride in providing every client with dedicated support throughout the entire home buying or selling process. As the highest-rated Google-reviewed brokerage in the Portland area, we have earned the trust and loyalty of hundreds of satisfied clients, whose testimonials attest to our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our team is dedicated to making each client feel supported and valued, and we strive to provide exceptional service at every turn.

Matin Real Estate is in the top 10 brokers in the region, the top 1% of broker teams nationally, and has over 1,000 homes sold. We focus on SW Washington, Portland, Salem, and surrounding neighborhoods.

We are made up of over 20 licensed agents, 8 administrators and a whole host of vendors. Annually, we spend $2 million on marketing our properties to ensure every client gets the best possible value out of their home.

On top of our $2-million-dollar annual budget for marketing, we have other outstanding resources. If you're looking for a quick cash offer, Matin Real Estate has that option for you in addition to listing opportunities. No showings, no closing costs, no commission, you pick the closing date, and we will ensure you get the support you need. If you're needing to buy before you sell, we have an innovative and great program that allows you to get financing to buy then you have 90 days to sell without double mortgage payments.

Our team is deeply immersed in the local real estate scene, and we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the current market. We are passionate about helping our clients navigate the nuances of buying and selling real estate in the area, from understanding the latest zoning regulations to identifying the best investment opportunities. We believe that real estate is not just a transaction - it's an opportunity to build lasting relationships and make a positive impact in our community.

Want to buy a home in Oregon or SW Washington? Let Matin Real Estate help you today!

Why Should I Choose Matin Real Estate for My Real Estate Needs?

In the office, our agents are hard at work scouring the market for buyers for our properties, collectively prospecting for over 300 hours a week. Half our sales come from cash offers, with half our buyers coming from outside the state, and a third from outside the country.

While the average broker writes offers on less than 1% of their listings, Matin Real Estate brings a buyer over 30% of the time.

For our buyer clients, due to our massive marketing and prospecting efforts, we have access to a multitude of different properties, both listed, unlisted, for sale by owner, as well as privately owned. With over 2,000 inquiries on our websites alone, it allows our organization to have the inside pulse on the market, shadow inventory and opportunities that are simply not available to the average broker.

Our proven strategies have put us a notch above other real estate agents in Portland, with over 50% of our business coming from sales another real estate team failed to close on!

Our Accolades

  • Over 1,000 homes sold
  • $115 million in sales volume in 2022 alone
  • 234 homes sold in 2022
  • In the top 10 broker teams in our region
  • Top 1% of broker teams nationally
  • $25,000 raised for local foster youth through Project Lemonade

Ready to Make Your Real Estate Dreams a Reality?

Whether you're ready to buy your dream home in Portland or sell your current property, Matin Real Estate is here to make the process seamless, stress-free, and successful. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of the Portland metro area and our unique marketing techniques, we're confident that we can help you achieve your real estate goals.

Don't wait another minute to start your journey with us. Contact Matin Real Estate today and unlock the door to your real estate dreams. Our dedicated team is ready and eager to guide you through every step of the buying or selling process. At Matin Real Estate, your dream home is just a click away!

Latest Videos

Pricing Property
Our brokerage prides itself on our team of agents who can effectively and accurately price your home. It’s common that sellers will hire an agent who will purposely over-estimate the value of your home so that you’ll sign with them. The problem with that is when the home hits the market, the agent is probably going to have to suggest multiple price reductions, which creates a frustrating experience. Not at Matin Real Estate. We strive to be transparent and honest about the value of your home by doing market
Cash Offers
There are upsides and downsides to going with a cash offer. It can make you stand out in competitive markets, but does it mean you're getting the most value? Check out our latest video and visit matinrealestate.com to learn more.
First Time Home Buyers
There's a lot to learn before buying your first house. Check out our latest video to get a head start! And visit matinrealestate.com for more information. #realestate #portlandnw #pdx #pdxrealestate #home #pdxhomes
Off-Market Properties
Because our team list and sells 200+ homes a year, we know about a ton of inventory that, for a number of reasons, is off-market. Learn about those reasons in our latest video and visit matinrealestate.com for more information.
How We Are Different
Fact: There are over 10,000 brokers in Portland and over 3,000 in SW Washington. And yet, we're highly differentiated than your average brokerage. Learn how in our latest video and visit matinrealestate.com for more information. #realestate #portlandnw #pdx #pdxrealestate #home #pdxhomes
What I'm Known For
Jordan Matin has been in the real estate business for over a decade now and has developed a reputation for a number of qualities that make choosing Matin Real Estate to buy or sell the go-to option. Visit our website for more information. https://bit.ly/3kjngYF #realestate #portlandnw #pdx #pdxrealestate #home #pdxhomes
How We Market Homes
We are very proud of the work we've put into our effective marketing materials. We go above and beyond to ensure your home stands out in the market. Visit matinrealestate.com to learn more. #realestate #portlandnw #pdx #pdxrealestate #home #pdxhomes
The Right Time to List
When is the best time to list your home? Most people think they know, but the answer may surprise you. Watch our latest video for some top notch adivce on when to list and visit matinrealestate.com for more information. #realestate #portlandnw #pdx #pdxrealestate #home #pdxhomes
Luxury Marketing
Here at Matin Real Estate, we are very proud of the work we've put in to make our marketing effective and luxurious. Check out our newest video to see how we market our homes for the most value possible. Visit our website for more information. https://bit.ly/3kjngYF #realestate #portlandnw #pdx #pdxrealestate #home #pdxhomes
Jordan breaks down why cashisking.com is an ideal service for those looking to sell their home and want a great cash offer, without going through listening and showing their home. We use cashisking.com all the time for our amazing clients!
About Jordan Matin
My family has lived in Portland for generations, and I’m proud to call this beautiful city my life-long home. I know this city and the real estate market like the back of my hand. When I joined this industry in 2009, I struggled to make my first sale but never gave up on my goal of being a top real estate broker in Portland. I jumped from brokerage to brokerage, learning and growing as much as I possibly could. Fast forward to today, and I now have a successful brokerage that consistently does more transact
Prelisting Packets
At Matin Real Estate we believe in the power of a pre-listing packet. It's been an effective tool that shows our clients how seriously we take every transaction.
How a Big Budget Helps You
We aren't counting pennies at Matin Real Estate. We know that to make money, you gotta spend it. We push the envelope when in comes to getting your home in front of buyers. Visit our website for more information.
Property Investment
The mission of the Matin Real Estate team is to create wealth through real estate in the great Northwest. We want to empower you with information so you're able to make an exceptional real estate investment and return.
We Are Hiring!
Matin Real Estate is hiring! We are looking for a few rockstar brokers to join our organization. We provide systems, structure, and support to ensure that all our brokers become successful. Check out our latest video and visit matincareers.com if you or somebody you know is ready to build their business in real estate.
Importance of Prospecting
At Matin Real Estate, our brokers maintain a steady pipeline of transactions because we make prospecting a top priority. We create our own opportunities and make our own luck. Visit portlandrealestate.com for more information!
Happy Holidays!
I just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday this year! Thank you to all our incredible clients and partners for an excellent 2021. Visit portlandrealestate.com to check out our big plans for the new year!
Listing in the Winter
There are many misconceptions about listing your home in the winter. Our clients are often surprised when we tell them December is one of our best months of the year. Check out Jordan's new video to learn how to take advantage of the winter months!
Why Hire a Listing Agent?
It is crucial that you reach out to us before you list your home on the market, and talk to one of our incredible, seasoned real estate agents. You’re always going to make more money with a traditional retail sale. That’s why it’s our primary business model because sellers like to make the most money possible. Hiring a listing agent ensures that selling your home is going to be a smooth and enjoyable experience.
How to Get Off-Market Deals
Because our team list and sells 200+ homes a year, we know about a ton of inventory that, for a number of reasons, is off-market. Learn about those reasons in our latest video and visit Portlandrealestate.com for more information.
California Buyers in Real Estate
You probably know at least a few people who moved to the Pacific Northwest from California. It’s been a popular trend that has grown over the last decade. People are flooding from California and purchasing properties in Portland and the surrounding areas. And if you're selling your home, it's important to be aware of potential California buyers. To learn more, check out my newest video.
Should I Remodel or Sell As Is?
As a real estate agent who’s been listing homes for over a decade, I can confidently say to you: DO NOT remodel your home! If you really want to remodel, don’t pull the trigger until you have one of our seasoned brokers out to your property, because we'll determine which projects are worth your dollar. To learn more, watch my latest video!
Working as a Real Estate Team
After working in real estate for over a decade, I learned the best way to deliver consistent, 5-star experiences for my clients was to create a team brokerage. Having specialists in a team brokerage means that experts do each piece of the puzzle, so you know that you’re in the best hands at every step of the real estate transaction. To learn more, watch my latest video.
Real Estate Investment Properties
Investing in real estate is the number one way people grow their wealth and establish financial security in this country. I’ve seen numerous clients & colleagues be able to provide extra income and future wealth for themselves and their families. We’d love to show you how we can help you build wealth at MRE through real estate. Check out my newest video to learn more and check out PortlandRealEstate.com!
Why Do I Need a Buyers Agent?
Hiring a buyer's agent from our brokerage is the best way to avoid the headaches and hurdles that can come with purchasing real estate. We want to provide a comprehensive plan of action that makes sense for you and your move. To learn more about the value an MRE buyer agent can provide, check out my latest video.
The "Shadow Inventory"
Anyone can look up active listings on online search engines (the best one being our beautiful website PortlandRealEstate.com). But what you can’t find on a traditional search is off-market properties, homes in what we call the “shadow inventory”. Because MRE is a prospecting-based business, we’re constantly in conversations with owners with off-market properties, and by working with our amazing team, you’ll have access to those deals. To learn more, check out our latest video!
How Listing Agents Help You
Are you thinking about selling your home? Don’t miss out on having a real estate expert in your corner. It’s to every home-sellers advantage to hiring one of our rockstar agents. Our robust training develops our brokers into knowledgeable, confident salespeople who will fight for top-dollar on your property. Hiring a listing agent ensures that selling your home will be a smooth and enjoyable experience. To learn more, watch my latest video!
We LOVE California Buyers
Our team brokerage does business with a large number of clients moving from California to the great pacific northwest. Each year, more people decide to make the move and begin looking for their next home. If you are selling your home in Portland or SW Washington, it’s crucial you’re working with a seller's agent who is proactively calling California buyers. To learn more, check out my newest video.
Should You Remodel Before You Sell?
Are you thinking about selling your home and considering an expensive remodel before going to market? STOP! From years of experience, I can confidently tell you that 99% of the people I’ve seen pour money into a remodel did not get that money back at their sale price. Leave the remodel for the new homeowner and turn your attention to the more important aspects, like the foundation and condition of the home.
Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Team
I was an individual agent for years and have been part of multiple teams in a decade of working in real estate. One of the most important things I learned was the best way to deliver 5-star customer service was to create a real estate team. We have a team here at MRE that is spectacular; incredibly knowledgeable transaction and listing coordinators, talented photographers and media specialists, and a robust marketing department. All to ensure we deliver what we promise: luxury service & exceptional results.
Become a Real Estate Investor
Investment properties are a great way to grow wealth and establish financial security. One of the best things we get to do as agents is help our clients become real estate investors and provide them with excellent properties and resources. If you want to learn more about becoming a real estate investor, check out my latest video!
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